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Tsuchizaki Minato Port Area Historical Museum

A spot packed with information about Tsuchizaki Port. Centered around the “port” theme, you will find a section with videos and touch panels with information about the history that connects Tsuchizaki’s past and future, and about northern-bound ships so-called “Kitamaebune” as well as a map of historic sites and places of interest, and other information to familiarize you with the Tsuchizaki area.

The centerpiece is the jaw-dropping display of a real festival float. In addition to experiencing the powerful float up close, you can learn about the history of the Float Festival.

A portion of a bombed warehouse is on display at the Air Raid Exhibition Hall. There you will find videos of the air raid of Tsuchizaki in World War II and explanatory panels and artifacts. Lectures by storytellers are also available.

Tsuchizaki Minato Port Area Historical Museum
Phone Number:
3-10-27 Tsuchizaki Minato Nishi, Akita City
Tuesday (following day when Tuesday is a holiday), year end and new year
Business Hours:
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
28 parking lots and 2 for the disabled *Please contact beforehand in the case of motorcoaches.