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Akita Arts Theatre Mille Has

Akita Arts Theatre Mille Has, located where Akita Kenmin Kaikan Hall once stood, opened its doors in June 2022 as the new hub of cultural and artistic creativity in Akita.
It boasts a large hall (2,007 seats) with both high acoustical performance and stage functionality, a highly immersive medium-sized hall (800 seats), as well as two small halls, a rehearsal room, a seminar room, and a production room.
Located about 10 minutes from Akita Station on foot, it is a rare cultural facility in Japan jointly maintained by Akita Prefecture and Akita City.
In addition to its liberal use of Akita cedar in the interior, you will find sprinkled throughout Mille Has many traditional Akita crafts such as Kabazaiku wild cherry bark handicrafts, Kawatsura lacquerware, and Odate’s Magewappa bent woodware, giving you an ample taste of the many things that make Akita special.
In addition to its wonderful exterior and interior appearance, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of the moat and Akita Park from inside the building.

Akita Arts Theatre Mille Has