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Akita Maiko: Meetable Akita Beauties



When people think of Akita, what comes to mind immediately for many is “Akita Bijin” or “Akita Beauty”.
A slightly sleneder face with  cherry-blossom-colored cheeks. Almond-shaped eyes and a  shapely nose. These are some of the expressions used to describe Akita Beauties. Some theories put forth for this phenomenon are short daylight hours, a mixture of European and Asian blood, and the high humidity in winter. “Akita Bijin” or “Akita Beauty” is so well known that it generates such popular discussion and theories.

Maiko and geisha entertain guests at dinners by performing various Japanese arts such as singing, dancing, and playing the shamisen. They are mostly known as part of the geisha culture in Gion, Kyoto, but the expression Akita Beauty is said to have emanated from the Kawabata geisha culture that flourished separately in Akita.
The Kawabata geisha culture gradually declined as the times changed, but it has made a return to modern times in the form of the Akita Maiko, which is reminiscent of those glamorous days. The resplendent atmosphere, charming kimonos, and delicate carriage instantly transport guests to another dimension. Won’t you come and meet an Akita Maiko?

Origin of Akita Maiko

株式会社せん代表 水野千夏さん

Ms Chinatsu Mizuno, CEO of Sen Inc.

The person behind the effort to bring back the Kawabata geisha in the form of the Akita Maiko is Ms Chinatsu Mizuno, CEO of Sen Inc.
Her goal was to further promote the virtues of Akita and the Akita Beauty to other prefectures in Japan and to all over the  world. She familiarized herself with the history of Kawabata, the restaurant distrct located along the Asahi River in Akita City. Among the colorful history of Kawabata, there is said to have been nearly 200 geisha in Kawabata prior to World War II to entertain patrons at the many Japanese-style restaurants.
When Ms Mizuno learned that there were no longer any Kawabata geisha, she was determined to revive the tradition, employing the catch phrase “Meetable Akita Beauties.” Her efforts to revitalize local tourism paid off, with Akita Maiko now attracting widespread attention.

Entertainment Provided by Akita Maiko

あきた舞妓 あきた舞妓

The main sources of demand for Akita Maiko are Japanese-style restaurants, hotels, and venues hosting tourist events.
Akita Maiko entertain guests at Japanese-style restaurants and hotels by performing various Japanese arts. In addition, there may be opportunities to meet Akita Maiko and take photos at some event venues. Please inquire before coming.
Akita Maiko hone their craft by tirelessly taking lessons in Japanese dance, tea ceremony, and other Japanese arts. They strive to convey the history and culture of Akita while entertaining guests at events, banquets, parties, and other occasions.

Meet an Akita Maiko


1 hour/2 or more Akita Maiko
(*You may not specify a certain Akita Maiko.)

Pricing information is available upon request.

Contact Information
Sen Inc.
1-3 Senshu Koen, Akita City 010-0876

Akita Cultural and Industrial Facility Matsushita


The Japanese restaurant, old  Matsushita, which opened in the early Taisho era and was a valuable landmark, has been renovated and transformed into a complex, Akita Cultural and Industrial Facility Matsushita that serves as a hub where people can experience the culture of Akita in a variety of genres, taking advantage of the traditional construction techniques and original wood, and preserving the grace and atmosphere of the old Matsushita.

Check out Akita Maiko Theater!
Here you can enjoy the world of Akita Maiko by watching an Akita Maiko dance performance for an hour or so while eating a box lunch only available in Akita. The theater caters to groups in addition to individuals.

※Reservation required for Akita Maiko Theater